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Leisure, Commercial

Concept, Planning

Dorking, Surrey

Dorking Wanderers Football Club

A scheme to upgrade the Meadowbank stadium in Dorking in order to comply with the standards of national league Category B. The key feature of this upgrade is the increase of fan capacity above 3000 people and the provision for segregation between home and visiting fans.
We propose that the existing 5-tier stand to the East of the pitch will be removed and replaced by 3no. blocks of 11-tier stands along the length of the East side. As can be seen in the plans the 11-tier stands will have a larger footprint and cover most of the East side of the pitch providing space for circa 1133 spectators. These, in addition to the existing 250no. seats and the free-standing areas around the pitch, bring the total capacity above the required 3000 (circa 3150).

Planning Granted 2020

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