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Planning approval granted for a pair of semi-detached dwellings in a style sympathetic for the area, with associated private landscape and car parking spaces at 19 Old Esher Road, Hersham.  The proposal incorporates low-level landscaping and planting to acknowledge the corner location and not obstruct any views from and towards the road junction. The dwellings convey an architectural language typical for the area, while simultaneously feeling new and modern.

19 Old Esher Road Planning

March 2024

Sawkings Architects are excited to announce that we have achieved yet another approval on an erection of an enlarged front porch. The design has been carefully considered to be in keeping with the existing building forms and shapes, whilst adding a contemporary layer over the existing façade.

22 New Road Porch Extension

December 2023

Planning approval granted for a refurbishment, repair and conversion project situated on High Street, Dorking. Internal alterations to the Grade II listed building will facilitate the conversion from office to residential use.

51-53 High Street, Dorking Conversion

August 2023

Sawkings Architects are happy to share another planning approval  - a rear extension and internal alterations at 54 Middle Lane, Epsom.

54 Middle Lane Planning

March 2024

Planning approval granted for a ground floor extension. External and internal alterations to improve the layout. The end result will be a High Quality 19 bed, 19 bath HMO scheme in the centre of Redhill.

54-56 London Road Planning

August 2023

Sawkings Architects Ltd are delighted to announce the planning permission for a side and rear roof extension to a Building of Townscape Merit property in Hampton. The design embraces the traditional material palette, but proposes a contemporary design approach, to create a design, sensible to the local streetscape.

56 Percy Road Extension

April 2023

Sawkings Architects have received a planning approval for a conversion of a warehouse unit in Croydon to a car repair garage, including associated refurbishment works and external elevation alterations.

Sawkings Architects have sought advice from SHW (Planning Consultants), Reeves Transport Planning (Transport Consultants), AQ Consultants (Air Quality  Consultants), and Clear Acoustic Design (Noise Consultants), in order to ensure the LPA's requirements have been met, thus resulting in successful planning application.

Aztec Repair Centre

January 2024

Sawkings Architects Ltd are delighted to announce the planning permission for the proposal of 4 two-storey terraced dwellings in Leatherhead. The submission was granted during the planning committee meeting this week. This residential project aims to provide a carefully considered solution, which takes cues in its design, from the established patterns and typologies of the architecture in its existing locality. 

The resulting proposal is a smart and elegant piece of architecture that is sensitive to its environment and will be an aesthetic contribution of the highest quality to the local street scene.

Many thanks to Mark Jones of Jones Town Planning, and David Challice of Challice Consulting for their input on the application.

Barnett Close New Builds

April 2023

Planning approval granted for no.4 dwellinghouses in Betchworth, Surrey. The development consists of 4 detached dwellings with allocated private amenity areas and car ports.

The dwellings have been carefully designed to be sympathetic to the local built environment and architectural language.

Bechwood Planning

April 2024

Betchworth Fort Cottage's construction is going with full speed. Stay tuned for further updates!

Betchworth Fort Cottage

November 2023

Sawkings Architects have achieved an approval on a residential scheme in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Surrey Hills, following unanimous support at Planning Committee. The application, for 5 detached houses with associated landscaping, is also located in the Metropolitan Green Belt and was being considered under a first application on the site. Sawkings Architects were working alongside the following team on the application site:
Lime Group - Clients
WSPA - Planning Consultants
Motion Consultants - Transport Consultants
Petrow Harley - Landscape Architects
David Archer Associates - Trees and Ecology Consultants

Byways Box Hill, Surrey

September 2022

Many thanks to Mark Jones of Jones Town Planning, and David Challice of Challice Consulting for their input on the application.

Car Repair Centre

February 2023

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